SnapsVisor 24

Snapsvisan: We are sailing

Melodi: I am sailing

We are sailing, we are sailing
thro the water across the sea
We are sailing lugna waters
to be ute to be fri?

I am länsing, I am länsing
forsing framåt mera vind
elva meter fulla segel that is life
my dear wife?

I am freezing, it is gunging
båten laying oh my God
childern crying starta motorn
Oh where are we, Lets go home!

Can´t you hear me? Tyst du stör mig!
I´m capsailing, all the time.
Med en Maxi, to be winner,
If I don´t ? I will die

Can´t you hear me? Can´t you hear me?
Reva seglen, sun is down.
Båt is lacking, can´t hear hacking.
Jag tar bussen, into town.

We are sailing, we are sailing
Hem again, across the sea.
We are flying, forever trying.
To be lycklig, to be free.

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